moloko plus

countercultural almanac and methods of repressions in Russia
It is a countercultural almanac about violence. The magazine
covers various themes, including drugs, neo-Nazism, political radicalism, racial and religious intolerance and separatism.
31 January
FSS (Federal Security Service) officers came to Pavel Nikulin's home. Their search was a part of the terrorism investigation. Earlier, Pavel had published an interview "from Kaluga with Jihad" with a man who claimed to be a participant in the Syria conflict, fighting for ISIS. The court found "evidence of terrorism justification" in the article, and the journalist was made witness in the case of training for terroristic activities.
28 February
One member of the project, Sofiko Arifjanova, told the Russian online media Ovdinfo about an informal interrogation of the FSS. The officers came to her father's apartment and tried to get information from Sofiko about the anarchists she knew.
14 July
Sofiko and a volunteer from "Typography" cultural centre were arrested by police officers on the day preceding the presentation of almanac issue in Krasnodar. The officers ordered them to make Pavel Nikulin come to Krasnodar. Nikulin later appeared at the police department with the lawyer to give evidence.
15 July
Two unidentified persons in medical masks, carrying pepper sprays, attacked Nikulin and Arifjanova on the day of the almanac presentation.

Police officers also interrupted the presentation and confiscated 30 copies of the third edition of the almanac, "Revolution" to conduct an oral investigation. Two weeks later, Sophiko and Pavel were considered an offended party in the minor health injury case.
12 August
Five almanac team members claimed that somebody had tried to hack their Facebook accounts and emails.
6 September
In Saint-Petersburg the club "Fish Fabrique Nouvelle" canceled the presentation of the almanac. Owners did not make known the particular reason behind the cancellation. They simply alluded to pressure from some "authorities".
10 September
The disclosed FSS officers (dressed in "civilian" clothes) came to the Saint-Petersburg presentation of almanac, which relocated to club SA!NT. They didn't interfere in the presentation but remained in the club. Journalists informed all guests about the presence of FSS officers.
16 September
Police officers, agents of the Centre for Opposing Extremism as well as state inspectors appeared at the almanac's presentation in Nizhny Novgorod. They demanded to make a statement about the distribution of so called "extremist materials" on the event.

Officers confiscated the almanacs and arrested journalists Pavel Nikulin, Sofiko Arifdjanova, Mikhail Shubin and several other guests. Later all of them, except Pavel, were released. He was accused of insubordination against an official police instruction and remained in the police department for three days.
19 December
The regional court of Nizhny Novgorod found Pavel guilty of disobedience to a police officer and fined journalists for 1000 rubles (about 13 euros). Later, Nikulin's lawyer filed a complaint against this verdict.

Furthermore, the court refused to initiate a criminal case against the policemen who interrupted the presentation.